Mission Statement

Wensure recognizes the value of being a well-informed insurance buyer. We believe in the value of being insured but as well recognize the fact that not insurance products are created the same and consumers have varying needs. We hope that through this website you will be able to determine the right insurance product for you.


Melanie Brooke

Melanie has worked as an insurance professional for over 15 years. When she’s not writing for this website, she’s either at the kitchen (whipping up the ‘healthiest’ meals) or in the farmer’s market (she’s always on the hunt for organic produce).

Danny Ryan
Executive Editor

Ryan is also an insurance professional. He had recognized the value of getting one quite late in life. He’s a fitness buff who’s currently training for his first triathlon.

Jane Martin
Managing Editor

Jane is a new addition in the team. She is an insurance professional with a deep love for travel. She’s currently in Thailand, soaking up some sun.

Advisory Board

Diana Lopez

Diana is a dedicated insurance professional who has been in the industry for 12 years. She specializes on Property and Casualty Insurance.

Dave Smith

Dave is an agent education coordinator and has been working in the insurance industry for 38 years.

Christine Donalds

Christine is an account manager in a reputable insurance company and has recently been awarded as the International Client Service Professional of the Year.