Top ten tips for saving money every day.

These are my top ten money saving tips. I am not listing them in order of importance to me – you do that. What’s important to me may be less important to you. So, here we go. Now pay attention, ya hear. When times are hard and the game is scarce, you gotta stalk a dollar like a hunter tracking a buck. If you don’t bring ‘im back, your family don’t eat! You’re not saving money.

1. Shop intelligently! Know what you want to buy before you start shopping. Comparison shop for everything you buy. Sure, there are some mighty fine folks in your neighborhood that just can’t compete with!, or Target. That’s called the free enterprise system. In tough times like these, you have to make some hard decisions. Buy the best product at the best price possible.

Now you can save money on-line at Goodwill Too! Who ‘would’ve imagined it! Goodwill on the internet. You save money, and help folk that really need it. You can get the best prices on what you want, and save money in the process.

2. Groceries I know. We covered this in grocery savings, but you just can’t say enough about saving money in the grocery store. First off, eat before ya go. Don’t ever go shopping when your hungry! I’d be throwing stuff n the basket right and left. Use a shopping list. Now I don’t need anything to jog my memory, understand. I never forget anything. Now what was we talking’ about? Oh yes – Saving money. Use a list, don’t buy anything that isn’t on that list. I know. It’s hard to do, but you can do it. I know you can.

For heavens sake, use the coupons. It’s free money, man! Look at the price per unit. It may not be as good a deal as the merchandisers want you to think. Watch out for those dang end caps. I’ve seen product higher on the end cap than on the shelf! No lie! Plan your meals ahead of’ time. Fix ya up a big ol’ pot of beans. You can eat on them things several days. Chicken and dumplings, stew, and who could forget, a big ol’ steaming pot of chilie is great for several days eating Dang! I’m getting hungry just talking about it.

3. Utilities. Friends n’ neighbors, there’s more money wasted on water and electricity than probably any thing else. We got our big screen high definition Tv’s, our toasters, computers, printers, and God knows what else plugged in to our wall sockets with ever one of ’em drawing electricity outta the socket, and money outta’ our wallets. I know. I’m a gadget nut my self, and it’s sure nice not to have to wait that extra 30 seconds for those things to warm up, but it can save us enough money to buy another gadget.

Put a multi strip on ’em, and turn it off. That goes for everything electrical in nature. And another thing. Watch your hot water heater. Electric or gas, you’re probably wasting a lot of money here. I was raised ’bout a mile back down in the woods, and have taken more’n one bath in a number 2 warm tub. I enjoy my hot water baths and showers more’n most folks. I used ta keep my hot water heater so hot I could cook a chicken without lighting the stove. Sucker was almost boilin’. Turn it down to about a hundred and twenty degrees. Water is another culprit in the money stealing business. First off, water your lawn real early in the morning. It has time to soak in before it evaporates.

Put one a them little disks in ya shower head – you know – the ones with all them little holes in ’em. It cuts down the water flow so’s you use less water. Don’t run the dish washer ‘less ya got a full load. Same goes for the washing machine. Wait till she’s full. This’ll save you a bunch a money. You might even be able to quit that part time job.

4. Eating out.Now I know I’m treading on thin ice here. You just don’t have time to cook at home, right? You’re professional folks and home cooking is a waste of your valuable time. Get over it! It’s costing you a vacation to the Bahamas! Besides, you just need to experience the joy of having your family tell you how much they enjoyed the supper you fixed ’em, and realize that this was really a labor of love.

Every morsel on that table was prepared by you with love and affection for your family. Neighbor, that’s worth it’s weight in gold. There are few things I enjoy in life more than cooking for my family and friends. It says ya love ’em more’n anything else. Make eating out a treat again. Make it something out of the ordinary. I can remember eating out maybe once a month, and it was a high point in my family’s life. Did I mention it’s gonna save you a ton of money?

5. Do it yourself Yep. Now I hear what your saying. I can’t do that. I just ain’t talented in that way. Well, bless your heart! You are too talented. There’s a lot of things you can do if you put your mind to it. You can make a loaf of bread if you follow he recipe. You can make a nice scrap book if you let your imagination flow. You can make all kinds of decorations for your home. You just need ideas to prime the pump.

GO to Hobby Lobby or the local equivalent and just browse around. You’ll get ideas for things you want to do. You can make soap, candles, toys, and get a lot of enjoyment in the process. Make your own Christmas presents this year and see how everyone raves about their gift. It really is the thought that matters when you actually put thought into it.

6. Cut the small stuff. These are little charges that sneak in under the radar. Watch for ongoing monthly credit card fees that go on whether you use the card or not. Ask the card company to remove the charges, or cancel the card. While your at it, ask ’em to lower your interest rate. You’ll be surprised how many will do that for you. Check your bank statement for membership fees and such that you have forgotten you even had. Cancel subscriptions to magazines you never read anymore. Ya might even think about not playing the lottery. Ya already make a contribution to the state. It’s called taxes.

Pay yer bills on time. Eliminate late fees. They eat yer lunch for ya.

7. Big ticket. If things is really getting tight on ya – husband or wife laid off – consider some hard choices. Sell one or both of your expensive cars and get a used car. It’ll get you to work and back. You may need to sell your house and either get into a less expensive home or rent for a while ’till things pick up. Loose the cable TV or satellite dish. Put ya up an antenna or do something drastic like – Oh, I don’t know – play games with the kiddos, or talk to each other. Might be a chance for you and your family to get to know one another. Any way you go, you’re gonna save a lot of money.

8. DO things as a family Ya know, it doesn’t take money to entertain your children and make them happy. It takes attention. Take ’em to the zoo. go to the beach. Get out in the back yard and play catch with ’em. It makes no difference what you do, do it as a family. Sit down and read as a family. A good book, read aloud, is better than any movie. Play checkers, or monopoly – whatever you would like to do, doing it together makes it time well spent.

9. Cut up your credit cards. Are you mad? How can we live without our credit cards! My question is how can you live with ’em? It’s like burning money. It’s been proven, people who spend cash spend less money than people with credit cards. A friend of mine took his grand daughter with him to the ATM machine. She watched him insert the card into the machine, and watched it give him money. When she questioned him about it, as he knew she would, he told her “Grampa has a magic money card. All I have to do is put it in the machine, and it gives me money.” A few days later Gramma was fussing about her car. Grand daughter told her Grampa would just have to buy her a new one. Well, Grampa finally told the story about the magic money card, and everyone laughed. It ain’t magic folks. It costs you a lot of money.

10. Lower your medical bills. We all know how expensive our medical bills have become. Some Doctor discovered that we can’t take our wealth with us when we go, so they have graciously offered to take it off our hands. There are ways to cut your medical expenses to the bone. Start out by living right. Get lots of exercise, eat well, and by that i mean eat good, nutritious foods. Make nutritional supplements a part of your food budget. Get the poisons out of your home. It would scare you to know what you actually have under your sink, and in your bathroom. The air your breathing in you home is not as safe as it was when I was a kid. Get the poisons out of your home. These things are causing asthma attacks, allergies, skin problems, and who knows what else. They just aren’t safe to have in your home. You need to this information on household chemicals. You will also find the link to a 12 page white paper on household chemicals. It’s free. Just download it. Stumble It!

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