Review of Top 7 Insurance Products

Insurance is almost necessary for survival these days. There are some top insurance products in the market – car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, general liability insurance, retirement, investment and savings insurance, and travel insurance.

Car or Auto Insurance
Basic auto insurance is legally required for all vehicles in the United States by the law of all states. This is the insurance everyone gets. The pros include affordability in basic insurance. However, the biggest con is that basic insurance covers only the minimum requirements. For added coverage, more expensive premiums have to be paid and this reduces the driver’s liability in case of any accidents.

Home Insurance
With homes too, many homeowners get insurance so that they may not have to pay for large damages in their homes. Any accidents that might happen are covered by this insurance. As compared to repairs, the deductible is low and many causes are included. However, the biggest disadvantage is that floods are not covered. The monthly premium is also high because of low deductible.

Life Insurance
Life insurance can be either whole life or term life. Whole life insurance offers lifetime coverage and the premiums are set. However, the price is extremely high and there is utter lack of flexibility. Term life insurance, on the other hand, has low prices, flexibility and guaranteed premiums but conversion options are limited and extended coverage is expensive.

General Liability Insurance
General Liability insurance covers a lot of things like bodily injury coverage, personal and advertising coverage, medical expense claims, liquor liability claims et al. However, the biggest disadvantage for certain businesses is that employee liability is not covered under this insurance. It also costs to get this insurance, plus additional money needs to be spent on getting separate coverage for employees.

Retirement Plans
Retirement plans are ideal for both individuals and companies because they give some insurance about regular earnings even after retirement. The biggest pro is that it comes with tax benefits (for individuals and business). However, the disadvantage is that current income can be hurt and for companies, special administration has to be set up for formulating a plan. Thus, it comes with additional costs.

Investment and Savings Plans
Investment and savings plans like the 529 have tax advantages in most states. These plans also include savings and investment scope even after the reason of the plan is already finished. For instance, in the 529, the contributions continue even after the child is in college. The control is retained by plan owners at all time. The disadvantage is that these plans are inflexible and during withdrawal, some amount of penalty can be levied, depending on the conditions.

Travel Insurance
The biggest advantage of travel insurance is for people who are travelling with a lot of precious belongings and their family. It offers complete peace of mind. However, the disadvantages are – a definite lack of flexibility and the lack of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, self-induced illness and customs related damage. It also excludes terrorist threats and war outbreaks.

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