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Calgary Car Insurance: What is in it for you?

12 Mar , 2016  

calgary car insuranceCalgary car insurance can cost a lot of money, especially to those who do not understand why they need auto insurance to begin with. A Calgary auto insurance broker can answer all your queries about the policy and why rates are such. And yet you hesitate because you think they will just talk you into buying insurance you don’t really need. But is it really not important? Can you drive around the city without it?

Yes you can, but your safety and security would always be put at risk. Getting car insurance is important, especially because it is mandated by the law. If it is necessary, should I then get the most basic coverage or should I consider getting the other more expensive ones? The choice is yours. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between the two.

Why is it important that you get even the most basic car insurance and premiums when they only mean to be add-on costs to your monthly bills? Here are the basic reasons why you should get before it is too late:

First, it is mandated by Calgary law. The number one reason why you should get that car insurance is because the law mandates that you get one. Before a vehicle can be registered in a state, it has to be covered by an insurance policy. It is so because it is one means of reducing the overall impact that an accident might have on property damages, not to mention medical costs too. If you don’t feel like following the law, just imagine how much more you need to pay when you get caught or be involved in an accident without insurance coverage.

Second, apart from following what the rules say, it is important to get your car insured because the likelihood of you getting in an accident is always high. No matter how skilled you are as a driver, the risk will always be there every time you go out into the road. Insurance will make sure that you will have enough funds to pay for the accident and the repairs and services that your car needs. More importantly, your car insurance policy can help you make settlements for those you might have injured during the accident.

Lastly, getting Calgary auto insurance will protect you and your investment. Next to the home we live in, cars are the second most expensive investment one makes. Since you have put hard-earned money into it, you want to make sure that it is protected at all times, right? Because you cannot assure safety at all times, especially when you’re behind the wheel, you need to be prepared for the expenses that come with the repair. If you don’t want to lose even more money paying off car repair debts, make sure you get insurance to cover it.

It is best to talk to a car insurance expert in Calgary to learn more about which insurance policy you should get. They will know how you can keep yourself and your car protected.

Insurance Buying Guide

Tips for Buying Insurance

14 Dec , 2014  

When buying insurance, there are some things you may not know and wish you did. Purchasing insurance can be an overwhelming task with all the options and providers to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision when buying insurance.

We all want to save money when shopping for insurance; however, the cheaper policies are not always your best choice. Insurance policies can vary greatly depending on the premium you pay. For example, if you purchase a state minimum requirement car insurance policy, you likely are not going to have very great coverage. You would be surprised how a few extra dollars towards your premium can dramatically change the quality of your coverage. You may want to save more now by paying a lower premium but end up paying more in the long run if it turns out you aren’t sufficiently covered.

If you’re concerned about paying high insurance premiums, you may want to consider choosing a higher deductible. A higher deductible will lower your premium payment while still allowing you a quality coverage policy. You would pay higher out of pocket costs if you do need to file a claim but still have the coverage you want. You can take the money you save from lower premium costs and put it towards a savings account. That way you have money set aside to pay your deductible if a loss occurs.

Another thing to consider when buying insurance is to take out disaster coverage. For example, you may have hurricane coverage but still not be covered if a flood occurs as a result of the hurricane. Check with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for flood policy pricing. Make sure you don’t under insure either. Even if your mortgage company only requires you to have coverage at or above your unpaid principle balance, you are better off with a policy that includes guaranteed replacement cost. Stay informed, weigh your options, and be realistic about the coverage you need and you can’t go wrong.

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Common Mistakes of Insurance Buyers

Auto Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

21 Nov , 2014  

Auto insurance is something that most people must have at some point throughout their lifetime, and it’s important not to make mistakes trying to save on your policy. Comparing different companies and rates can help you save, but you have to know what you need before you start shopping. You always want to make sure that you have all of the coverage you need, and you want to avoid the following.

Getting the Bare Minimum
Don’t assume that the bare minimum policy is the best for your automobile, just because the vehicle isn’t brand new. The basic policy may leave out things like theft, natural disasters and more, and then you will have to pay for all of the lost items or damages on your own.

You also may only have to pay a couple of extra dollars a month for tow coverage, which could save you a lot if you end up needing a tow throughout the year. If you would have no form of transportation if something happened to your vehicle, the additional cost for a plan with rental coverage may also be worth the investment.

Choose Unrealistic Deductible
You can save money when you raise the deductible on your auto insurance policy. This is the amount that you have to pay if you make a claim with your insurance provider. If you make the amount too large so you can save a lot of money on your policy, and you can’t afford to pay it when something happens to your vehicle, you will be out of luck.

Letting Insurance Expire
If you are shopping for insurance and you have let your old insurance policy expire, this is a huge mistake. The new insurance provider is going to consider you a high risk applicant who has been driving without coverage, and they may charge you more because you have been reckless. Driving without insurance is also against the law, and you could face criminal charges if something happened.

If you have a lean on your vehicle, there may be a specific amount of insurance that your lender requires you have at all times, and you’ll want to know this amount before you start shopping. There are a lot of benefits to having a high quality auto insurance policy, and you don’t want to find out that you have a mediocre policy by getting into an accident and drowning in bills.

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Insurance Reviews

Review of Top 7 Insurance Products

29 Aug , 2014  

Insurance is almost necessary for survival these days. There are some top insurance products in the market – car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, general liability insurance, retirement, investment and savings insurance, and travel insurance.

Car or Auto Insurance
Basic auto insurance is legally required for all vehicles in the United States by the law of all states. This is the insurance everyone gets. The pros include affordability in basic insurance. However, the biggest con is that basic insurance covers only the minimum requirements. For added coverage, more expensive premiums have to be paid and this reduces the driver’s liability in case of any accidents.

Home Insurance
With homes too, many homeowners get insurance so that they may not have to pay for large damages in their homes. Any accidents that might happen are covered by this insurance. As compared to repairs, the deductible is low and many causes are included. However, the biggest disadvantage is that floods are not covered. The monthly premium is also high because of low deductible.

Life Insurance
Life insurance can be either whole life or term life. Whole life insurance offers lifetime coverage and the premiums are set. However, the price is extremely high and there is utter lack of flexibility. Term life insurance, on the other hand, has low prices, flexibility and guaranteed premiums but conversion options are limited and extended coverage is expensive.

General Liability Insurance
General Liability insurance covers a lot of things like bodily injury coverage, personal and advertising coverage, medical expense claims, liquor liability claims et al. However, the biggest disadvantage for certain businesses is that employee liability is not covered under this insurance. It also costs to get this insurance, plus additional money needs to be spent on getting separate coverage for employees.

Retirement Plans
Retirement plans are ideal for both individuals and companies because they give some insurance about regular earnings even after retirement. The biggest pro is that it comes with tax benefits (for individuals and business). However, the disadvantage is that current income can be hurt and for companies, special administration has to be set up for formulating a plan. Thus, it comes with additional costs.

Investment and Savings Plans
Investment and savings plans like the 529 have tax advantages in most states. These plans also include savings and investment scope even after the reason of the plan is already finished. For instance, in the 529, the contributions continue even after the child is in college. The control is retained by plan owners at all time. The disadvantage is that these plans are inflexible and during withdrawal, some amount of penalty can be levied, depending on the conditions.

Travel Insurance
The biggest advantage of travel insurance is for people who are travelling with a lot of precious belongings and their family. It offers complete peace of mind. However, the disadvantages are – a definite lack of flexibility and the lack of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, self-induced illness and customs related damage. It also excludes terrorist threats and war outbreaks.

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